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A World First Tool for Multi-Echelon Inventory Optimisation

As businesses become more global it is increasingly important for them to use their supply chains as a means of creating competitive advantage. Those supply chains that are able to manage the complexity and control the risk inherent in the new global economy will be the ones most capable of maximising the benefits on offer.

Supply chain managers need to be able to deal with greater levels of complexity, not only in terms of extended networks, but also in inventory. They need to deal with factors such as

  • Longer lead times and uncertain supply
  • Bigger production runs and supply constraints
  • Different modes of transport

Ever changing global cost drivers (fuel prices, inflation, exchange rates and taxation) can make the understanding of and working with supply chains difficult. Having these drivers change over time adds additional layers of difficulty to the problem.

Supply chain managers who rely on traditional simplistic methods to manage their supply chains and do not embrace this complexity will give up the opportunity for benefit, and risk losing ground to their competitors.

Supply Chain Guru X offers a new way of managing inventory that enables organisations with complex networks to:

  • Improve customer service
  • Reduce cost
  • Mitigate supply chain risks

By combining a detailed supply chain model with a powerful optimisation engine Supply Chain Guru X offers a powerful solution to complex supply chain problems such as sourcing and routing decisions, managing constraints, inventory optimisation and risk mitigation policies.

Supply Chain Guru X models the flow of inventory across the entire network and calculates optimal sourcing rules, flow paths and stocking levels for every SKU over a given time period.

Supply Chain Guru X considers capacity and constraints in ensuring that customer service performance targets are satisfied whilst minimising both direct costs and working capital requirements.

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