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Lexian Dispatch Manager (LDM) is a multi-user database application designed to automate and improve the efficiency of the distribution process for small to medium size businesses. The Dispatch Manager is part of a suite of Lexian supply chain tools including Procurement Manager, Warehouse Manager, Inventory Optimiza and Asset Manager.

Key benefits of the system are:

  • Efficient load creation through forward visibility of orders.
  • Efficient utilization of vehicles with volume information available to the route planners to ensure that vehicles are filled to capacity.
  • Automatic rating and reverse billing for driver and /or subcontractor payments
  • Feedback to production planning to ensure orders are ready when the load is due to be dispatched.
  • Comprehensive KPI reports on all distribution activities
  • Web interface

System Features include:

  • System
    • Full customization of fields
    • User security at database level
    • Automatic archiving of data
  • Order Acquisition
    • Automatic download from ERP host system
    • Manual entry or update facility via terminal or web interface
    • Order detail to product line item level
  • Load Planning
    • Drag and drop orders onto vehicles
    • Time, capacity and eligibility constraint rules
    • Part orders can be loaded
    • Driver/vehicle manifest and time sheet produced
    • List of unallocated orders maintained
    • Freeform text area for keeping notes and instructions for the selected order in either the Unallocated Orders pane or the Route Details pane.
    • Sort capability on all list fields
    • Exception reports and alerts if constraints are breached
    • Ability to query on any field
    • Automatic calculation of route drive times and distances
  • Updating Route Details
    • Capture of actual delivery times via driver run sheets
    • Ability to configure and record delay information
    • Data checks to ensure authenticity of information
    • User defined fields
  • Reporting
    • Each report has its own selection criteria dialog specifically written for the report.
    • Data underlying all reports can be exported as text files or Microsoft Excel spreadsheet files.
    • Flags indicate which activities have been invoiced and/or paid
    • Rating information is stored in the driver or truck master files and the rating logic is built into the reporting process.
    • Web interface for all reports

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