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Web Based Warehouse Management Solution

Lexian Warehouse Manager is a fully web based warehouse management system designed for small to medium sized businesses and third party logistics providers. The system is feature rich yet inexpensive and easy to implement and operate.

Key benefits of the system are:

  • Entirely web based
  • Advanced user interface using Microsoft Silverlight technology. No client side software required. Multi browser compatible.
  • Clean consistent simple user interface.
  • Remote or local hosting.
  • Quick, simple low cost deployment.
  • Ideal for multi-site operations and easily scalable.

Key operational features include:

  • Flexible file import for capturing operational requirements and static master data.
  • Flexible file export for upload of work completed.
  • Optional manual requirements data entry and manipulation.
  • Tracks transfers between warehouses, depots or other internal locations.
  • Supports bulk inbound purchase orders and outbound customer orders.
  • Supports formal warehouse processes receive, put away, order confirm, pick, dispatch.
  • Supports simpler inbound/outbound processes without the need for formal put away and pick to staging processes. Suitable for depots, small warehouses or cross-dock facilities etc.
  • Features two alternative transaction processing interfaces, one for rapid routine data capture and the other, a more flexible interface for specific non routine transaction capture such as error correction or inventory adjustments.
  • Operational documents such as pick slips and put away slips feature bar coding for enhanced data capture accuracy.
  • Supports tracking of individual assets by serial number. Maintains internal asset register.
  • Supports use-by dates and batch number tracking.
  • Features a Dashboard showing critical management information with drilldown to quickly identify and resolve operational issues.
  • Features three tier location structures, Warehouse, Zone and Bin Location with location categorisation to manage activities supported at bin locations.
  • Features two tier product categorisation plus additional search fields to enhance product searches.

Key planning features include:

  • Inventory cycle count featuring multi count process and quarantining of discrepancy inventory.
  • Kitting of inventory items

Key management features include:

  • Features a Dashboard showing critical management information with drilldown to quickly identify and resolve operational issues.
  • Comprehensive list of standard reports delivered as Excel readable CSV files, pdf files or as formatted reports via Microsoft Reporting Services.
  • Features role based user management. Users are associated with roles which manage access to data and functionality in the application.

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