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Lexian installs Event Manager for DHL and Singapore 2010

  • 20th June 2013
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Lexian Solutions was appointed by DHL in Singapore in December 2009 to provide the Event Manager MDS and WMS/AMS?system to the Organising Committee of the 2010 Youth Olympics. The web based system is designed to assist the Organizing Committee to manage their warehousing and transportation requirements of the games. The MDS module optimises the delivery of products and services (including catering, cleaning and even garbage removal) across multiple venues each with multiple delivery points allowing for security checking, delivery window constraints and varying vehicle sizes and capacities. The WMS/AMS module manages the receival, storage, dispatch and disposal of inventory across warehouses and venues.

Lexian, working with DHL (the games logistics provider),?tailored the system specifically for the needs of the Organising Committee to meet the particular requirements of games. The system was installed ready for a number of test events to ensure its smooth operation by the time the games commenced.

Philip Chu, Executive Director of DHL and head of the DHL Singapore Youth Olympics Logistics team said he was extremely pleased with the commitment and professionalism of the Lexian team in getting the system up and running and getting the staff trained in a relatively short period of time. He said the system worked flawlessly and enabled DHL to control and manage the movement of assets and inventory between warehouses, suppliers and venues. It will also allow DHL to control the disposal of assets and equipment after the games are completed. He was most satisfied as to they way the DHL and Lexian teams worked together and assisted in ensuring the first Youth Olympics were a great success.